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Tips for thriving as a small business in Texas' competitive landscape:

Thriving as a Small Business in Texas’ Fiercely Competitive Market

Matthew Elling

September 29, 2023

Texas has one of the country’s most vibrant small business environments. But with this comes fierce competition among the over 2 million small companies in the state. Whether competing locally with other small businesses or going up against larger corporations, there are key strategies Texas entrepreneurs can follow to thrive.

Define Your Competitive Edge
Don’t try to be everything to everyone – this lack of focus dooms many small businesses in hypercompetitive Texas. Take time to identify your unique value proposition, ideal target audience and differentiation factors. Having a clearly defined competitive edge makes growth easier.

Leverage Digital Marketing

With consumers increasingly turning to digital channels, small businesses can’t just rely on word-of-mouth anymore. Leverage options like SEO, social media marketing, email, and Google Ads to get found online by customers seeking out your products or services. Low-cost digital marketing levels the playing field.

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