Let's Maximize Your Potential for a Line of credit

Matthew Elling
Founder & CEO of Line of Credit Depot
November 2, 2022

When applying for a small business line of credit, wha’t the best way to apply?

Now the majority of business start off with the bank they old a business checking account with. Most people think that because you have some history with this bank you may have actually relationships with people at the bank.

Apply for a Business Line of Credit at rates as low as 8.5%. How much are you looking for?

From our feedback with business owners, their bank usually doesn’t approve their business for a line of credit. This is because banks much rather sell your business a credit card, because they can charge anywhere from 11% to 30% in interest rates.  

Maximize your potential for approval! This is the nest way to apply for a business line of credit. We have worked with hundreds of small business bankers, so you can rest easy knowing that at least one of our banking partners will approve your business. Depending on the bank different qualifications are needed for approval, and oftentimes a banker wont tell you the requirements upfront.

Before you apply, check to see if you qualify.

No application or obligation.