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Securing Financing before Standards Tighten -OLD

January 24, 2024

An article released by ZeroHedge highlights the concerning rise, in credit card delinquency rates, which have reached their levels in over a decade surpassing 3%. As consumers face challenges with increasing costs and debt burdens banks are becoming more cautious and getting approved for a new line of credit is getting harder.

This situation directly affects business owners. Even merchants with a strong financial track record may encounter increased difficulties or even rejections when applying for lines of credit or loans in the coming months.


At Line of Credit Depot, we understand that small businesses may struggle to access capital, especially during uncertain economic times. That is why we have developed partnerships with lenders, in addition to traditional banks that exercise caution. Our commitment is to secure financing for our clients, ensuring that they do not miss out on opportunities before the availability of credit potentially tightens.

Whether you require funds for managing cash flow seizing growth prospects or establishing contingency credit lines ahead of difficulties we have got you covered. Connect with us to discuss your funding requirements and stay ahead of the tightening standards for lending to businesses.

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