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Get Lower Payments and Avoid Default

Matthew Elling

December 10, 2022

Do you have a Merchant Cash Advance?

If you answered yes than you are not alone. It’s estimated that nearly one million small businesses in the United States of America have had a cash advance. The quick and easy access to cash and the simplicity of getting funded is a big reason as to why businesses can feel the pressure of lower cash on hand. Now you might be asking, why consider defaulting if you can't afford the payments? Because a Reverse Consolidation will lower payments and extend the term. 

Over the past ten years of working with cash advance clients the one complaint we hear quite often is that their paymet size is ALWAYS too high and then the payback is far too fast. The reason the payback is too fast is because the finder wants their principle (and baked in interest) back as fast as possible so in turn they can use your payments to fund the other businesses. When you then payback your advance immediately, your principal and interest payments are going to fund other clients. This quantifies the amount of money a funder will make. 

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