Get a Business Line of Credit in Virginia

If you own one of Virginia’s 725,000 small businesses and are looking for a line of credit, you’ve come to the right place. Line of Credit Depot provides VA businesses true revolving lines of credit. We’ve arranged hundreds of credit facilities for businesses in Virginia. This has helped them; finance projects, hire staff, expand, buy equipment and navigate cash flow dips. 

Virginia is a diverse state and has a wide range of small businesses. Due to its close proximity to Washington DC, there are tons of small business government contractors.

What’s the hardest part about operating a small business in Virginia? If you're like most of our VA small business applicants, you agree that obtaining reasonably priced financing for the business is very hard. Why is this? Well, even banks want to charge the highest interest, that’s why you are asked to apply for business credit cards. Think about it, when was the last time you saw a ‘line of credit’ being offered by your bank?

The truth is that banks in Virginia do issue business lines of credit and we know which banks offer the best terms.

Whether you want access to 1 or multiple unsecured lines of credit, we have the knowledge and network to get it done!

The rates for a business line of credit in Virginia are like most other states. Ranging from 4% to 8%, these revolving lines of credit are issued by local and national banks. Most businesses in Virginia that are approved for a line of credit, never knew they could access such cheap money. There are thousands and thousands of Virginia businesses that could qualify for cheaper money than what they are used to. That’s why now is the best time to apply for a line of credit.

-Revolving Line of Credit allows you to access cash when you need it.

-With rates as low as 4%, these credit lines are cheaper than most credit card companies.

-Your business doesn’t have to borrow expensive MCA’s (merchant cash advance) to finance operations and cash flow dips.

-You can keep your current business bank account at your current bank.

-Line of Credit Depot has the largest network of local and national banks in Virginia, so your business gets paired with the best programs.

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