Get a Business Line of Credit in New York

Small businesses in the Empire State account for 4.1 million jobs, more than half of all private-sector employment in New York State. From construction and manufacturing to educational services and high technology, small businesses are an important part of every industry in New York State. Interestingly, 43% of NY small businesses owners applied for credit for their business. LINK Nearly half of these applicants (53%) experienced a financing shortfall, meaning they obtained less funding than they sought.

Especially now, considering the economic fallout from COVID-19 New York government imposed lockdowns, the demand for small business financing will surely rise. Now is the time to seek affordable capital if you are a small business in New York State. Our bank partners are offering affordable access to credit in the form of a credit line (line of credit). We have all regions of New York state covered, whether your business is in Albany or Montauk. Apply today for a line of credit for your NY business.

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