Get a Business Line of Credit in Illinois

In Illinois, the state's 1.2 million small businesses employ 2.5 million people (about 45% of the private workforce), with firms with less than 20 employees creating the largest net job gains. Illinois ranks second in the country for the fastest rate of business formation. 

Finding the right bank for you is our specialty here and we can help you to get the best Line of Credit for your business. We have access to many banks that offer businesses lines of credit. 

If you are denied a line of credit at one bank we can find the next bank that will offer you a line of credit that best suits your business needs. Now is the time to seek affordable capital if you are a small business in Illinois. It’s time to protect your business before financing rises with the pending recession. Apply for a line of credit now!

-Revolving Line of Credit allows you to access cash when you need it.
-With rates as low as 4%, these credit lines are cheaper than most credit card companies.
-Your business doesn’t have to borrow expensive MCAs (merchant cash advances) to finance operations and cash flow dips.
-You can keep your current business bank account at your current bank.

Line of Credit Depot has the largest network of local and national banks in Delaware, so your business gets paired with the best programs...even if your company doesn’t operate physically in Illinois.

See if you qualify for a Line of Credit in


before you apply

See Requirements in Your State
The lines of credit vary from state to state. See the requirements before you apply.
Straightforward time saving application
Save tons of time, only fill out one application. It takes about 10 minutes.
Any questions? Drop Us a Line
Sometimes small business owners like to learn more about the available programs before applying.
See an overview of our programs
Find out how a line of credit can specifically help your business. Rates, terms and requirements.



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