Get a Business Line of Credit in Florida

There are more than 2.8 million small businesses that call Florida home. Making Florida an economic powerhouse. Major industries in Florida are healthcare, tourism, construction, and agriculture, but small businesses are found in all sectors of Florida commerce. These small businesses employ about 3.6 million workers. Florida has the third highest population in the country with over 21 million people, so there needs to be plenty of businesses to cater all those people! Florida also has no personal income tax, a 5.5 percent corporate tax rate, and no payroll taxes. The average interest rates of business lines of credit in Florida are about 4%. 

Did you know that Florida has the fourth biggest economy in the United States? In fact, its GDP is larger than all but 16 countries. After New York and New Jersey, Florida receives the most amount of line of credit approvals by Line of Credit Depot. This makes Florida an attractive place to do business in. With all the business happening in Florida, there are no lack of banks…but finding the right banks is our specialty. We have access to many banks that offer businesses lines of credit. Oftentimes, when a Florida business is declined for a line of credit at their local bank, we can find a perfect approval at another bank.

That’s the whole concept for giving businesses in Florida access to a network of banks that offer affordable business financing in the form of lines of credit. Apply for your business line of credit today. 

-Revolving Line of Credit allows you to access cash when you need it.

-With rates as low as 4%, these credit lines are cheaper than most credit card companies.

-Your business doesn’t have to borrow expensive MCA’s (merchant cash advance) to finance operations and cash flow dips.

-You can keep your current business bank account at your current bank.

Line of Credit Depot has the largest network of local and national banks in Delaware, so your business gets paired with the best programs...even if your company doesn’t operate physically in Florida.

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