Lines of Credit for Tree Services

Looking for the most affordable line of credit? Tree Services need a line of credit instead of taking small micro loans. This enables arborists to weather slow times and maximize their profits during busier times.

By Matthew Elling
Co-Founder and Consultant at Line of Credit Depot
Updated on February 10, 2021
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Whether you own a small local tree removal company or Asplundh, the need for affordable capital is present. Access to a line of credit is must for large and small tree service companies.

If your tree service business is similar to our clients' you probably see that this industry has become competitive and crowded. One of the best ways to expand is to make sure your tree service business has a strong presence. It's gotten harder and harder to get noticed, so a notable online presence is a must. Websites and a listing on Google Business are must haves for a tree service today. Make sure you can be found exactly where people are looking for you. With a Verified Google Page along with Advertising and Website, new customers can get ahold of you quickly. Some of our tree service clients use their line of credit to increase website traffic to fill slow times. A line of credit makes borrowing easy, because instead of locking your tree service business into a large loan...this financial product can be accessed and drawn from as needed.

If your goal is to have your tree service constantly busy and running efficiently, a line of credit is a must have.

From needing quick access to cash to pay for emergency repairs or for floating operational costs while awaiting customer payments (accounts receivables), a line of credit can make it easy.

We find that most tree services choose to access a line of credit for the following main needs:

Small equipment purchases

Equipment maintenance

Extra working capital for payroll



New Hires/Training

New Equipment

Whether you are just getting started in the tree industry or consider yourself a veteran, check out this comprehensive guide on tree-cutting tools!

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Between running a couple crews, booking new business and ensuring every job is done top notch; what tree service owner has the time to borrow a quick cash advance when they need a bit more working capital in the bank? The process for always scrambling for money when you need it the most is such a headache. A line of credit can is used by tree services as almost like a safety net. For emergency cash needs, tree service owners transfer funds out of their line of credit and fund their operational account.

Line of Credit Depot tailor fits a custom bank product line of credit for your tree service business. Because of our streamlined approach, 95% of all businesses that are pre-approved activate a line of credit within 2 weeks. Why search for a bank product by visiting 40 banks, when you can get access with us?

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