Lines of Credit for Landscaping

We see that lines of credit are used by landscapers for general cash flow needs of the business, but also for specific reasons like: Awaiting on payments from clients, In between payment schedules for large jobs, Equipment Repairs & more.

By Matthew Elling
Co-Founder and Consultant at Line of Credit Depot
Updated on February 10, 2021
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Lines of credit are quite popular amongst landscape businesses and Line of Credit Depot has worked with many landscaping companies. Just like any other business there are all different reasons why a line of credit is needed to help finance the company operations. And there are not many reasons not to have a line of credit! 

We see that lines of credit are used by landscapers for general cash flow needs of the business, but also for specific reasons like:

-Awaiting on payments from clients

‘The check’s in the mail’, no business owner wants to hear this, but small businesses need bills to be paid fast. In the event that you are awaiting on Accounts Receivable, the line of credit can be used to pay for general operating expenses like fuel, labor costs, etc.

-In between payment schedules for large construction jobs

Large jobs can be risky for cashflow reasons, so it's good to have backup reserves of cash. Sometimes larger hardscape projects take longer than expected, so instead of asking for more money from the client, funds can be drawn and then returned to the credit line.

-Equipment Repairs

Does it ever seem that equipment breaks down all at once? Whether your ride on mower needs to be fixed or your landscaping trailer needs some welding work, a line of credit can help.

-Before/after change of seasons

As the seasons change, so does the work. This means that equipment like snow plows and snow blowers need to be ready. Also those blowers, trimmers, spreaders, mowers, and sprayers need to be ready for the Spring and Summer seasons.

Lines of credit are a must have for any business owner, but they are extremely popular amongst the professional trades, like landscaping and construction. This is because the service these trades are providing are capital heavy, meaning that it takes money to make money. Expenses to run a landscaping business is hefty and the number one expense is labor.

Landscaping is a big business in the United States. As of 2021 there are 615,458 landscaping service businesses in the US, a 5.3% increase from 2020. 

Whether you own a landscape maintenance or landscape construction company, your expense categories are most likely similar to other trade industries. According to IBIS World, The Landscaping Services industry in the US is labor intensive which means businesses are more reliant on labor than capital. The highest costs for business in The Landscaping Services industry in the US as a percentage of revenue are; Wages (33.2%), Purchases (8.6%), and Rent & Utilities (3.4%). 

A Line of Credit is a must have for landscaping professionals. How much are you looking for?


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