Line of Credit for Pool Companies

When your pool company needs to expand or needs a working capital safety net, Line of Credit Depot can help your matter the size.

By Matthew Elling
Co-Founder and Consultant at Line of Credit Depot
Updated on February 10, 2021
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Do you own a pool service company or pool construction company? Most pool businesses offer one or many services; design, construction and maintenance programs. But no matter what type of size of pool business you own, odds are that your business can benefit from a line of credit. Line of Credit Depot works with all types of pool companies, in all regions of the United States. So whether you own a pool construction company in the Northeast or a pool cleaning company in Arizona, we have affordable lines of credit specifically geared for the pool industry. Please keep in mind that our lines of credit are commercial, meaning we can only access a line of credit for businesses, not fund a client's swimming pool.

There are 10.4 million residential swimming pools and 7.3 million hot tubs in the US, according to the Association of Pool & Spa Professions. Swimming pools are extremely popular in the United States as swimming ranks as the fourth most popular sport or activity in the US according the the CDC. To those of you with customers who have children, here is a must-read on outdoor child safety!

The swimming industry is huge in the sense of cleaning and maintaining pools as well as the demand for new pools. To keep up with this popularity, swimming pool businesses access to financing is expansive. The best credit facility that is available for a pool company is a line of credit. No other commercial financial product is better suited for the pool industry.

Swimming is just as popular in warmer climates as it is in colder areas of the country. That being said, pool companies in the Northeast need access to capital just like in the Southwest, but the use of the credit facility may differ based on the seasonality of businesses located in colder climates.

Pool companies access lines of credit to expand business, but also to sustain current business. The most popular use cases of a line of credit for pool companies are:

  • Hiring Staff: The summertime in the Northeast means lots of pool cleaning. Pool companies ramp up their workforce during the Summer.
  • Purchasing Equipment: New vacuums, filter parts, vehicles, etc.
  • Marketing: Finding new would be homeowners is key for pool construction businesses.
  • Seasonal Needs: A pool company in a colder climate may need access to funds to bridge the financial gaps during Winter months.
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How many pools can your company currently build? How many can you service? The availability of a line of credit can help you with both!

Pool Maintenance and Servicing: A pool company is similar to many other service businesses. The business provides a scheduled cleaning and maintenance, and (hopefully) experiences a margin on the work done. How can your business make more money with an affordable line of credit?

New Pool Construction: Juggling multiple pool construction jobs requires tons of organization and a lot of money. How much mobilization funds you have on hand, can directly affect your bottom line. Lines of credits are used by pool construction companies to help book and complete as many jobs as possible.

Looking for the best line of credit for your pool business? Why gamble your chances with one lender, when Line of Credit Depot has them all?

Don't drown in expensive debt! Pool companies of all sizes need access to working lines of credit. Are Merchant Cash Advances (MCA's) and expensive so called 'lines of credit' sinking your pool business? Access a REAL line of credit from Line of Credit Depot in no time at all!

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